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“Weight training/Resistance Training/Cardio programs/Diet Coaching for anyone but especially women over 40. …”

Fitness coach | Personal training | Weight

“Instructions of cello (primary) an violin, viola, string bass and chamber music. Teaching instrument from …”

Cello | Instruction | String | Lesson

“Whether you want to lose weight, get into fantastic shape, build self confidence, learn some self defense, step …”

Kick boxing | Self defense | Senior/boomers

“To Rebel is to find your potential and keep to those standards in everyday life. There are a myriad of reasons …”

Muslce building | Weight loss | Fitness training

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“Our mission is to provide a safe environment that motivates every child (No Child is Ever Left Behind). Our main …”

Self defense classes | Womens kick

You need to exercise in order to lose some weight and need a fitness instructor to help you with fitness coaching, but are too lazy to take the first step. Skilto enables you to find a personal trainer who will help you with weight training as well as creating personal exercises to make you feel better in your body and mind, thanks to a weigh and cardio workout. Join Skilto now to find a fitness center to help you get started, or with a private gym instructor at home.

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